"K" Line ( Indonesia) - our never-changing goal is to produce reliable, fast and safe services. We are proud for having served the community over 10 years since our establishment in Indonesia in 1996. We have built a solid position through our liner services, focusing on Far East and European; Central and South America, Australia, Africa, North America, Asia and Intra-Asian routes. Over the decades, we have been undergoing a series of changes in line with our growing economy. We automated our controlling system, improved efficiency in cargo handling, expanded our fleet and strengthened the backup services associated with the increase. Not only are commitments in Indonesia, but are also meant for the long terms development of our customers' business.


It's all started from just one sole company named PT. "K" Line ( Indonesia), which was established on August 1st, 1996, acted as an overseas agent for Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd., Japan. Since then, through all the hard work and effort from all of our employees during the years, proudly we can say that our company now has become a solid growing group of companies. Besides PT. "K" Line ( Indonesia) which focuses on liner service, we have now established PT. KLINE Total Logistics Indonesia which supports one another in order to provide the best One Stop Service to our customers


Long known for its emphasis on specialized service, "K" Line's Liner Service has developed exclusive advanced systems in areas including container handling, garments, and self-contained double-stack trains for refrigerated containers and other commodities. Its fleet of 337 vessels is among the most advanced in the world, and includes many new state-of-the-art containerships, tramp and specialized carriers, car carriers and tanker and gas carriers.

The distinctive red "K" Line containers are among the most sophisticated in the world. Its fleet of more than 70,000 containers is comprised of every size and description, including refrigerated and garment-on-hanger containers.


Envisioning the new century, we are convinced that we will be able to serve our customers with our continues development and endless flow of constructive expansion of our service.

Name PT. "K" Line (Indonesia)
Established August 1 st, 1996
General Agents for Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha Ltd.,
Agents for Egyptian International Shipping Co., (S.A.E.)
Employees Jakarta      : 138
Surabaya  :   21
Semarang :   20
Medan       :   16
Bali              :   2
Business Lines Shipping Agent
Ocean Transportation Service (Liner / PCC / Break Bulk / LNG)

Custom Clearance
PT. K Line Logistik Indonesia

Consulting And Trading
PT."K"Line Biz Management
Office Location Jakarta (Head Office)
4th floor, Summitmas II Kav. 61 - 62
Jakarta 12190 - Indonesia
Phone : (62-21) 5220808 (Hunting)
Fax      : (62-21) 5220776 / 5220777 / 5226560 / 5226584 / 5220814 / 2523713 / 2523449
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2nd Floor Yosindo Building
Jl. Rajawali 84, Surabaya 60164, Indonesia
Phone : (62-31) 3545720
Fax      : (62-31) 3545723-4
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2nd Floor, Griya Bina Artha Building
Jl. Pemuda 142, Semarang 50132 - Indonesia
Phone : (62-24) 3561199
Fax      : (62-24) 3561099; 3561299
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Jl. Tembakau Deli 1 No. 2
Medan 20111, Indonesia
Phone : (62-61) 4575676
Fax      : (62-61) 4575818
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Jl. Gunung Tangkupan Perahu No. 129 B
Banjar Tegal Buah,Padang Sambian Kelod
Denpasar 80117 - Indonesia
Phone : (62-361) 8446822
Fax      : (62-361) 8446819
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PT. Jaya Hokkky Abadi as Subagent of PT."K" Line (Indonesia)
Jl. Nusantara No.66. Makassar. 90174. Sulawesi Selatan. Indonesia
Phone : (0411) 3616861
Fax : (0411) 3615524
Email : iyan.kline@hokkky.com
Email : mks.jha@hokkky.com

PT. Jaya Hokkky Abadi as Subagent of PT. "K" Line (Indonesia)
Komp. MU Center Point A2. Kec. Kalawat Minut, 95378. Sulawesi Utara. Indonesia
Phone : (62-431) 893211
Fax : (62-431) 893211
Email : jha.docmdo@gmail.com
Email : jha.csvbtg@gmail.com

PT. Jaya Hokkky Abadi as Subagent of PT. "K" Line (Indonesia)
Jl. Azizi raya Blok F No.2 Komplek Cendana Andalas. 25126. Padang.
Phone : (0751) 841770 / 08116634088
Fax : (0751) 32422
Email : Max.jha@hokkky.com
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